Final Destination

We take birth and our parents put in all their efforts and hard work to build us and help us grow. We all go to school, compete there with ourselves, find and improve our talents. We build some friends and some enemies as well. Jealousy, competition, hatred , ego , attitudes, such feelings slowly start developing in us. Some situations cause them to be a part of our behavior.

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Then it’s our college lives.For some it’s a place to have fun with friends, for some it’s to gain knowledge, for some to find love, for some yet again to compete in terms of looks, figures, jealousies and attitudes which keep on developing.


The next step is executing our professional skills. Where in we gain level of independence and finally get reward for our investment in education, for our hard work.

Then the most so called dangerous marriage stage , which if we do with true , faithful love , is the most beautiful thing. Even in arranged marriage, if both of them are loyal and are persons which we all must become make them successful as well. Yet some marriages are unsuccessful, affecting both or either of the lives.Next comes up is parenthood again, we start a role alike our parents.



So if we see it just goes on continuously, the cycle of different roles. Where in making an excellent career of our choice, having a good family life, good health, acquiring wealth and raising our standard of living.

There’s an increase in emotions like ego, judging, comparing, criticizing, jealousy and ohh! how can we forget selfish nature??!!!. Competition and excessive development and desire for luxurious living somewhere makes us lose our humanity, our good , real side of our heart.

If we see inside us , we can find that child inside who somewhere is longing for love, for acceptance, for kindness, for support, and to be understood. That child, our behavior in childhood is our real selves with a beautiful heart. The most beautiful time of our lives it is.

Ever thought why is it so? As we are innocent, we are unaware of such feelings which seem to be required to survive on earth and hence the world seems beautiful. The world IS a beautiful place if we keep that child alive.

We are souls , that energy within us, we are made of love and kindness. A small selfless act makes us so happy. Try it out once if u haven’t 😉 So let’s believe in mutuality, in our selves and help each other grow. Let’s love unconditionally, learn to be selfless and spread kindness ✌🏼

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